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Bring financial capital and social awareness to ecological business
Via a Green Digital Financial Infrastructure

Create an inclusive green financial system Based on a safe,
reliable and scalable blockchain system

Safe, scalable and reliable Digital value exchange system

Standards for Green ecological values

Participation from both institutional investors and global community

Improve the global environment and lives of hundreds of millions of people


Decentralized network for the compliant release and management of green digital products.

The TREELION blockchain platform is a high-performance, scalable Blockchain. The platform is committed to creating a one-stop service to effectively solve the pain points of the Green finance industry

Multi-Site Support Services for Green Digital Finance

With the help of professional third-parties, support enterprise-level green projection registration, management, transaction, certification and other services, support large data storage, transaction confirmation

Sustainable green economy ecosystem

Relying on the Kubuqi model created by the Elion Group, Treelion establishes a cross-industry Blockchain to recogonize green value such as carbon emission allowances or ecological benefits of solar energy and creates a large-scale green digital ecosystems

Digital Identification of Green projects

The digitalization of green projects is based on the PoA (Proof of Authenticity) standard, which proves the relationship between the on-chain and green projects. PoA solves the potential fraud issues due to the asymmetry of supplier information.In addition, multi-signature authentication involving key stakeholders (suppliers, custodians, certification bodies, auditors, lawyers, etc.) can also be employed to realize the digitization of projects

Project Digitalization

Green projects are recorded in an authoritative and standardized manner via professional tools. Project names, attributes, lifetime, owners and other information will be recorded onto the blockchain

Value Confirmation

The ecological value of green projects such as carbon emission allowance generated by green plants and electricity generated by solar energy will be certified and audited by authoritative third-party organizations

Digital Tokens

Green projects can be digitized using by multi-party digital signatures such as suppliers, custodians, certification bodies, and auditors. Green tokens will be burned if they are redeemable

About TREELION Foundation

One of largest green ecology foundation in global

TREELION Foundation was established and operated by ELION Corp in Singapore in 2019. It aims to create green economic pattern based on sustainable development

TREELION Foundation